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"Did you beat your parents? Maybe they let you win. Did you beat your friends? Maybe you were just lucky. Would you like to be the ultimate winner? Keep learning!"

Are you only three years old or are you already at school? HONEY COMBINE is great for both small and big players so you can challenge your brother or sister or your mum or dad.

The fundamental element of all HONEY COMBINE tabletop games is a hexagonal tile which has a different function in each game. Sometimes you add it, other times you rotate it or link it to other tiles. No need for game pieces or dice. You can play on the table or on the floor, with friends or on your own, at school or outside!

With HONEY COMBINE you practice your observation and concentration skills, train your memory and develop logical thinking. In each box you will find 28 playing tiles, an easy-to-understand rules booklet, a textile bag and an SOS code just in a case a tile gets lost or damaged.